Piracy, Brawling, Hotdrops - Premium Low-Sec PvP

Heretic Nation is an alliance incorporating a wide range of players and corps from throughout EVE. Currently based in Amamake, we offer our members an entertaining and active community with a wide range of content provided. Our FCs and Directorate are experienced and actively look for new opportunities for our members.

Black Ops

With scouts spread throughout the Heimatar region, we pride ourselves in our ability to respond quickly and jump our fleets onto any target within range.

Capital OPS

We encourage our members to have active capital alts and make regular use of them. We aim to hold capital and eventually supercapital superiority in our region.


If we don't have targets to drop black ops or caps on, we run regular skirmishing fleets using a variety of doctrines - there's always something to do.

Requirements to join

Members of the Heretic Nation know that their brothers and sisters in arms will show up prepared to fire some god damned lasers.

To allow us to stand by this mantra, the following requirements apply to every player:

  • Have a chilled out sense of humor with the ability to drop into a military-style combat mindset when intel is reported
  • Team-player attitudes
  • A working mic & headset with push to talk in combat
  • An understanding and willingness to use pirate implant sets AND hardwirings
  • Well trained characters (Logi V, maxed support skills, etc)
  • Although it's not required, we also recommend you have capital pilots, as we escalate regularly.

We understand not everyone has these things, so if you don't, we'll train you providing:

  • You have a great attitude: Step up to fly tackle, prober or jump destroyer - Scout systems - Be a team player and handle criticism well.
  • You provide updates to a director regarding your training of the following: Cybernetics V - Logistics V - Capital Ships (Dread/Apostle > Archon)
  • You provide us with a FULL API. Our members can rely on a high standard of OpSec.

Perks of living with Heretic Nation

Heretic Nation provides a number of services to our members, including:

Join us now!

Individual Member

  1. Make sure you've got a Discord account. If not, go here and make one, and download the app.
  2. Click on this link, and follow the steps to get into our discord server.
  3. Open the channel called "#prospect-lounge". To get a recruiter's attention, type @recruiter and express your interest.
  4. Be ready to get in a voice chat with a recruiter to go through some basic details.
  5. If you're feeling adventurous, feel free to go straight to the #how-to-apply channel and follow the instructions.

Corporation Entity

  1. Ensure you're a diplo/director/CEO of the corp expressing interest.
  2. Make sure you've got a Discord account. If not, go here and make one, and download the app.
  3. Click on this link to join discord, as this will give you access to private message one of the following leaders:
  • EU/UK Timezones: @MirrorGod#5782
  • US #1 Timezone: @scooby#6864
  • NZ/AU Timezones: @genric m#2275

Note: You will not be able to contact these users without being in the server.